Patient Awareness about Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery helps an individual by losing excess weight loss (varying %age) and correction of metabolic syndrome i.e, remission of Ttype-2 Diabetes Mellitus, correcting the lipid levels in the blood, stoppage of snoring, relieve you of your sleep apnea, reduces weight on joints. Bariatric surgery is of two types: restrictive and malabsorptive or combination of both. Restrictive procedures are mainly gastric band and gastric sleeve resection, while restrictive and malabsorptive procedures are roux n y gastric bypass, mini gastric bypass and duodenal switch etc.

A bariatric surgeon and bariatric nutritionist can help an individual to decide particular procedure which may be well suited for him/her. There is need to take vitamins, minerals and protein supplements after the bariatric surgery. While the body demand of these nutrients may be comparatively less in restrictive procedures but it is more in malabsorptive procedures. Certain points patients have to Keep in mind before undergoing any of the bariatric surgery procedures.

The amount of EWL may vary from individual to individual and from procedure to procedure.

The remission of comorbidities like DM2, dyslipidemia may be more in malabsorptive procedures then only in restrictive procedures.

Very few procedures are easily reversible and revisable for example gastric band and mini gastric bypass, while others may be irreversible or comparatively difficult to revise or reverse.

Patient has to be very committed in taking their supplements, routine follow up and regular blood test to avoid nutritional deficiencies.

Pre existing reflux (GERD) patients need to be extra careful while selecting their procedure so that reflux is not further aggravated.

High protein, high fiber, low carbohydrate and low fat diet is recommended after surgery.

Smokers have to cut down their smoking habit as it leads to increased ulcer formation in the stomach and intestine especially at anastamotic site.

Nausea, vomiting, dumping and hair fall are some early complications which may occur in some procedures but can be managed by taking help of bariatric nutritionist and bariatric physician.

Missing your vitamins, minerals and protein supplement for long time especially in malabsorptive procedures can lead to some serious health problems like loss of lean muscle mass, decreased bone density and anemia.\

One has to understand weight regain and reoccurrence of comorbidities is also reported in some up to various proportions.

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